g2g coaching

(re)discover your active identity

Active: being able to do something physically or mentally

Identity: the characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is.

An Active Identity is more than just seeing yourself as physically strong, capable, and resilient. It’s a mindset and behaviour. It’s something that provides for you; an anchor in your life.


what we do

We help people become stronger, more robust, resilient and self sufficient. We do this to help people improve their quality of life, improve their physical performance, recover from injury and get out of pain.


What makes our service different

Coaching Versus Training
We use a coaching to help people develop the tools that they need to make progress. Training can create a sense of dependancy and hinder long term progress.

Creating Autonomy and Self Efficacy
Long term lasting progress and results come through ownership and confidence in your ability.

Results Driven Process
Our process and decisions are based on what it takes to get you results. We pay attention to the details and aim to deliver the best possible experience.

Work With A Team
No one person has all the answers. Our team pulls together their strengths and broad range of experiences to cover all the bases.

We Focus On The Biopsychosocial Model
The body, mind, and environment all affect one another. We concentrate on every aspect

Collaborating With Other Professionals
Establishing great communication with physiotherapists, psychologists and surgeons to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction for your needs.

Evidence and Experienced Based
Working off same set of principles and values but with unique experiences

Support The Education and Development of Our Team
Our open minded approach enables us to continually evolve and improve, as knowledge and information changes and grows


who are we?

G2G is a team of specialist coaches supporting people who value their health and physical performance, but are struggling to live their values. Life stresses, setbacks, injuries, and demands on your time can all cause you to lose touch with your athletic identity, and it isn’t always easy to sift through the masses of information out there to find what really works. This is where we come in. There’s no better guide than someone who has walked your path, and in our lives as athletes, coaches, and people who just love to train, we know what it’s like to face hurdles along the way.

our services

One to one coaching
Semi-private is our flagship coaching service, we know it offers the best possible results. However sometimes it is not an option, and one to one coaching is. We have a highly skilled team of coaches who you can work with.
Youth Camps
good habits are best created when we are younger. Help set your children up for future success. Help them reach their full potential.
Movement Assessment
"If you aren't assessing, you are guessing". We help you to understand your strengths and highlight the areas to develop based on your goals.
Transformation Programme
for some, seeing rapid change can often generate the momentum and self-belief needed to make long term change. For others, a challenge is needed to re-ignite a passion for training. Our transformation programme caters to both.
'What I hugely admire about G2G is how the coaches take such an interest in their clients from the minute they get to know them...my coach Donnie Macfadyen would read up on the Parachute Regiment/anecdotes about Army life or find documentaries to watch such as the P company test series on YouTube to grasp a stronger understanding of what the physical demands entailed. This would then create a talking point for both of us and to me it really showed that he cared about where I wanted to go. Having said that I noticed in my training sessions all the coaches at G2G show the same interest and passion towards their members. '
Will Channing
Ex Rugby/ Training for Parachute Regiment

our process

make an enquiry
we'll have a chat with you over the phone about your goals
learn about our process
connect with one of our coaches and learn about how we can help you
arrange a movement assessment
learn how you move, where you are strong, and what to focus on
determine a plan to progress
develop a plan with one of our coaches, tailored to your needs
join our coaching sessions
we'll coach you through your individualised programme, and help you understand it
review, reset and refocus
we'll review your progress every training block, and goal set every 3 months


open minded to the process
"if you do what you have always done, you'll get what you have always gotten"
consistency and adherence
showing up is crucial and most important part to making change
purpose and aim
having a direction and goal to work towards helps to determine the best path to take.
exercise technique and execution
developing a good foundation, allows you to build high
loading and effort
the key to your body adapting and you progressing
'The whole experience at G2G has allowed me to return to playing rugby. I am now more confident lifting in a gym environment and that I am lifting with good technique. I have better movement and I am more knowledgable about how my body works which has given me the information needed to continue to progress and develop.I also gained an understanding of how to structure my meals differently to provide me with the correct fuel to train. This allowed me to maximise my training. It has made a huge difference to my performance both on and off the field. I thoroughly recommend G2G.'
Jamie McCarthy

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