Youth Camps

Good habits are best created when we are younger. Help set your children up for future success. Help them reach their full potential.

To get the best from your young athlete, you need to apply an individual approach that caters to their specific needs, but integrates with their other team mates and peers. We coach your athlete on how to get the most from their performance, attitude, habits and choices. Giving them skills that they can take to their future career.
'Within two months of starting this season I have gained a lifetime personal best performance and achieved a Scottish record in my sport. In addition there have been other gains I was not expecting; the patellar tendinitis I have had in both knees for over 20 years has all but disappeared, (I can play squash again, which I thought was gone forever), chronic lower back pain has eased and I definitely don’t fatigue as easily. A small downside is that I have had to buy new belts as none of my existing ones are small enough. I have dropped 15kg and 4 inches off my waist in the last 4-5 months.'
Kevin Lochhead
Slalom Water Skiier

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