Movement Assessment

"If you aren't assessing, you are guessing". We help you to understand your strengths and highlight the areas to develop based on your goals.

Our assessment involves 4 stages in order for yes to gain a full insight into how you move, your strengths and limitations so we can design and tailor a programme and approach to best suit you. We start with training and injury history, posture assessment, then a joint assessment and finally a movement screen
'The whole experience at G2G has allowed me to return to playing rugby. I am now more confident lifting in a gym environment and that I am lifting with good technique. I have better movement and I am more knowledgable about how my body works which has given me the information needed to continue to progress and develop.I also gained an understanding of how to structure my meals differently to provide me with the correct fuel to train. This allowed me to maximise my training. It has made a huge difference to my performance both on and off the field. I thoroughly recommend G2G.'
Jamie McCarthy

Improve Your Training, Manage Pain, Recover From Injury