Movement Assessment

"If you aren't assessing, you are guessing". We help you to understand your strengths and highlight the areas to develop based on your goals.

Our assessment involves 4 stages in order for yes to gain a full insight into how you move, your strengths and limitations so we can design and tailor a programme and approach to best suit you. We start with training and injury history, posture assessment, then a joint assessment and finally a movement screen
'Within two months of starting this season I have gained a lifetime personal best performance and achieved a Scottish record in my sport. In addition there have been other gains I was not expecting; the patellar tendinitis I have had in both knees for over 20 years has all but disappeared, (I can play squash again, which I thought was gone forever), chronic lower back pain has eased and I definitely don’t fatigue as easily. A small downside is that I have had to buy new belts as none of my existing ones are small enough. I have dropped 15kg and 4 inches off my waist in the last 4-5 months.'
Kevin Lochhead
Slalom Water Skiier

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