Online coaching

Coaching tailored to you from anywhere in the World

Receive coaching with us online using our unique system and approach. You don’t need to be in our G2G Coaching facility or to see us in person. Everything can be done remotely and in a way that’s convenient for you.
Access us anywhere
Perform your training wherever you prefer; at your own gym, at home or abroad
Video and e-mail check-ins with a coach
Weekly, monthly or quarterly check-ins can be done based upon your goal, experience and what you need
Assessment and individualisation
We assess and screen in order to understand you better, and individualise and tailor the programming and coaching
Coaching from a team
Progress always accelerates when you are amongst peers. You can see others also have their own struggles and progress.
Goal Setting
We use a thorough goal setting process to help understand you and your goal, the barriers you have, and to provide a solution that works for you
You have access to our WhatsApp group, Newsletter and e-mails to feel part of our community
'What I hugely admire about G2G is how the coaches take such an interest in their clients from the minute they get to know coach Donnie Macfadyen would read up on the Parachute Regiment/anecdotes about Army life or find documentaries to watch such as the P company test series on YouTube to grasp a stronger understanding of what the physical demands entailed. This would then create a talking point for both of us and to me it really showed that he cared about where I wanted to go. Having said that I noticed in my training sessions all the coaches at G2G show the same interest and passion towards their members. '
Will Channing
Ex Rugby/ Training for Parachute Regiment

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